Saturday, September 10, 2005

Reduce your life insurance premium (3)

At this point you probably realised that it is your personal lifestyle profile that determine whether you can go for such "cheaper" insurance by not buying unnecessary benefits.

This means if you are the type that is careless with money, have difficulties to save money, don't really care about investing, etc. Such benefits become important to you and it is probably for your own good that you should have at least one or two such investment-linked products inside your beg.

But if you are careful with money, have a good saving and investing plan, etc. You can afford not to pay for such benefits. Keep the change to improve your coverage or increase your investment...

Therefore, am I against insurance products like investment-linked? Not really. It is useful for certain people.

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Part 3: Reduce your life insurance premium (3)

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  1. I agree. Especially those endownment plans. Only suitable for those who r really not keen on investing. N also for those who wants a no brainer, guaranteed perpetual income for their next generations. Else, it's always better to go for term


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